The problem I choose is the security of day to day machines that use un-updated, sometimes unsupported OS’s. These OS’s are usually: Windows XP, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, and various Linux OS's.

Now you might notice most of them are all Microsoft products, this is because Apple's OS's are designed for the everyday simpletons. They can't be changed, modified, or edited, while all of Microsoft's OS's, and Linux OS's are completely open and accessible to the customer. This is useful when companies or business need to have a OS to base a machine on or computer on; that will be limited or restricted to their customization.

Explanation and EvidenceEdit

Support ended for Windows XP on April 8th 2014, while 95,98,200 and ME support ended all in 2004. This still majorly applies to future OS’s.

When support was ended for these OS’s it meant they won’t receive any security updates and fixes. As we all know technology advances quite quickly these days allow exploits, hacks, virus, and malware. This means hackers can easily take control and retrieve information from these devices.


As of 2014 majority of US DMV offices use Windows XP, the DMV access databases that hold information about anyone living in the US. Meaning if person were able to gain access to the computers they could use a hack or exploit and remove information. A lot of ATM's use Windows OS like the one on the right. This means performance is bad and the ATM's are vulnerable.

This is a current problem, but as more and more OS's come to the market the security of millions of machines is at risk. In the future machines that just updated in 2016/2015 to Windows 7 will have to update again, and again. Along the road this snowballing problem will catch up to us.

Solutions and ConclusionEdit

-One solution to this problem is Microsoft or another company creating as OS that is similar to Apple computer OS’s, that programs cannot access other programs or the hard drive, except for their locked area.This would mean exploits would have to be extremely complex to work.

-Another solution would be to allow companies to upgrade freely, with small fees.

- The final easier solution would be to make companies create their own private market OS's.

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